About Stretch Easy

Stretch Easy is a health and fitness brand dedicated to the recovery of athletes. It was founded with the goal of relieving pain and preventing injuries for runners and all athletes. Stretch Easy continues to provide not only recovery devices designed for injury prevention (like the Stretch Easy Calf Stretcher) but also devices designed to massage, sooth, and loosen muscles.


Browse the Stretch Easy website to find an abundance of advice and treatments that are proven to help relieve pain and injuries. All of our content is designed to be easy to read and straight to the point as to not overwhelm, but rather inform. However, if you're looking for more information, contact us

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Stretch Easy has the perfect recovery device for everyone. Whether you have back pain, lower leg pain, plantar fasciitis, or fatigue, Stretch Easy has you covered. Click here for our Pain Relief Guide or here for our Pathway to Injury-Free Running


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-Zak Reape, Founder