About Us

Zak Reape, Founder, But More Importantly, Passionate Runner - 

I have learned a lot from working in a local running store. It's actually what inspired me to create Stretch Easy. The abundance of runners plagued by lower leg injuries, such as Plantar Fasciitis, really shocks me. Nearly every time I work, someone walks in looking for a solution to their lower leg problems, because they've had enough of waking up in the morning feeling like they're stepping on glass or having to cut runs short because of recurring injuries. I did some research and that's when I learned that maintaining loose calves can help numerous leg injuries so that's when I decided to create the Stretch Easy. The Stretch Easy is a 45 degree angle slant board that gives you the perfect calf stretch anywhere, anytime. Some call it the Nirvana of all Stretches, and others the Calf-inator... but I call it the Stretch Easy. To this day, I still build and paint every Stretch Easy by hand with a careful attention to detail. Get yours today and support small business!

We now sell various other recovery devices on this website that go specifically along with content about these products for your convenience. Stretch Easy is your one-stop-shop for all things recovery!

Marisa Reape, Editor