How to Recover/Prevent an Achilles Tendon Injury

Achilles Tendon Essential Knowledge:

Your Achilles Tendon stretches from your heel, to your calf muscles and it is the largest tendon in your body so unsurprisingly, it's fairly vulnerable to injury. Achilles Tendon injuries normally are caused by sudden changes in movement so they can happen during nearly every sport or exercise. 

The Treatment

Achilles Tendon injuries take time to recovery from since the tendon is so large, but there are a couple of ways to accelerate that recovery time. For example, applying compression to your lower leg with a compression sock stimulates blood circulation which relieves pain and accelerates recovery. Also, you can apply ice and elevate your heel to further accelerate recovery time.

Stretching also is an effective treatment. Lower leg stretches, like a calf stretch, relieve pain and help with the healing process. A slant board calf stretcher (like the Stretch Easy) is optimal at giving you perfect calf stretch, every time. Learn more here.