Why Are My Calves So Sore?

Calf Pain Guide

Calf pain is one of the most common injuries for all athletes. Many sports (especially running) put a lot of repetitive stress on your calves. Running uses a very limited range of motion and calves take a large amount of the stress. Therefore, it's very important to take precautions to help relieve that stress.

Most athletes keep their calves loose and stretched to reduce the amount of stress that their calves take. Stretch Easy provides many products that do exactly that.

Keeping your calves stretched.

By far and away, the most effective calf stretch is a 45 degree angle stretch, the optimal angle for calf stretching. When it comes to stretching devices, nothing comes close to the Stretch Easy. The Stretch Easy is a handmade calf stretcher built at exactly a 45 degree angle. It forces you to stretch at a 45 degree angle, every time.  

Keeping your calves loose.

Another common source of calf pain is knots (trigger points) that develop in your calves. They inhibit blood circulation and without treatment, they grow larger and stronger to cause further discomfort so it becomes increasingly important to treat them. 

Massage and muscle rollers both are very effective and breaking up knots because you can target the exact trigger points and apply pressure to stimulate sufficient blood circulation again. The Reaper is extremely effective at breaking up knots because of its spikes that really dig into your knots. The Reaper is pictured below. Purchase here. Or read our guide to find the right recovery guide for you by clicking here.