Finding the Right Recovery Device for You

In conjunction with stretching, recovery devices play an important roll in recovery.

The Stretch Easy:


The Stretch Easy is a slant board calf stretcher that is built at a 45 degree angle and gives you the perfect calf stretch, anywhere, any time. The Stretch Easy is ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, and many other lower leg injuries. It is fast and effective because it forces you to maintain the 45 degree angle with your foot. The Stretch Easy is sold exclusively on this website because it is a handmade product. Get yours here! Or learn more here.  


Muscle Rollers: 

If your tightness is in your calves or thighs, muscle rollers provide immediate relief. You can use them to target specific muscles and apply significant pressure to loosen muscles. The roller pictured is popular because of its ability to dig into tight muscles to loosen them and break up knots. See Muscle Rollers. 



Massage Rollers: 

The massage rollers are ideal for muscle tightness in your legs and your back. They are so effective because you can apply your body weight right on the massage roller. All Stretch Easy massage rollers feature trigger point grooves for a more effective massage than traditional smooth massage rollers that are great at breaking up knots. See Massage Rollers.  



Compression socks/sleeves/braces are an extremely easy to use yet very effective solution to pain anywhere in your legs. You can wear them either at night or during the day or just whenever you feel discomfort. They work by stimulating blood flow which relieves pain and accelerates recovery time. Many runners find almost immediate relief to shin splints, plantar fasciitis and knee pain simply by wearing compression everyday. See more here. 



See our Pain Relief Guide for advice/treatments on specific pain or injuries by clicking here.