IT Band Syndrome Relief

IT Band Syndrome Essential Knowledge:

IT band syndrome is a result of the iliotibial band becoming inflamed and tight. It is tissue that runs from your hip to your knee and plays an important role in the running motion. IT band syndrome is a common injury because the IT band is often over looked. It is hard to stretch and since it is not a muscle, most people leave it out of their stretching routine. It is most commonly caused by overuse so continued stress on the tissue creates even more discomfort.

IT band syndrome is mainly felt in the knee, but occasionally it can be felt in the thigh. If pain is felt in either, it is recommended to stretch your IT band before and after exercise.  

It's also beneficial to keep your upper legs loose by periodically massaging them with a massage roller. Massage rollers allow you to target exactly where you feel discomfort to allow for instant relief. 

Watch this video for the best stretch to help with IT band syndrome.