How to Fix Bad Knees

Knee Pain Essential Knowledge:

Knee pain is probably the most deceptive of all injuries. Overwhelmingly, knee pain is actually a result of an injury in the hip. Therefore, the best way to combat knee pain is to stretch your hip flexors and IT band before and after exercise- and/or throughout the day. 

Hip Flexor Stretching

There are many stretches for both your hip flexors and IT band and an easy google search gives you access to a plethora of hip stretches. We recommend using the myrtl routine because it thoroughly stretches out all parts of your hips.

It's important to stay consistent and keep up with your hip stretches because it takes a little bit of time to start seeing the effects.

IT band syndrome often causes pain in the knees and is easily treated with proper stretching. Read more here.

Massage Roller

You can also use a massage roller to keep your hips and thighs loose to relieve knee pain. A massage roller is ideal because you can target the specific areas that are in pain.

Other Sources of Knee Pain

There are also a number of injuries that originate in the knees themselves. For example, runner's knee is caused either by an impact or overuse. Anyone is susceptible to runner's knee but it causes the most discomfort while running and often originates from running. It can be treated with ice, compression, rest, and elevation.

Knee pain is also often caused by arthritis or the depletion of cartilage in your knee. If you believe that is the case, consult a doctor.