How to Cure Shin Splints

"Right when I started my summer workouts and increased my mileage, I started to feel throbbing in my shins, right on the bone. Every time I would try to do a workout, they would hurt worse and the pain would linger for days sometimes. It was very frustrating to not be able to run fast when I wanted to" Andrew, runner.

Shin Splints Essential Knowledge:

Often caused by an increase in workout intensity and/or volume, shin splints are one of the most common running injuries. They cause a throbbing sensation which leads to extreme discomfort.

Many runners find Shin Splints to be one of the most frustrating injuries because it often starts when runners find the motivation to start increasing mileage or intensity and then they have to dial it back to allow the injury to heal.

The treatment.

Shin splints frequently interrupt workout routines so it is very important to practice the following techniques whether you currently have shin splints or not. Tight muscles often cause shin splints and luckily there are several easy ways to loosen them up.

The first is stretching. Using a calf stretcher is the easiest and most effective way to maintain loose calves. And then there is icing. After a workout or whenever calf pain is felt, icing is very effective at naturally allowing your shins to recover faster. Lastly is a warm up. For any speed work or workouts, it is important to have warm muscles because it is more likely to develop shin splints from running fast on cold muscles. 

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