The 45 Degree Angle Stretch Easy

Individually handmade calf stretchers designed to give you the perfect calf stretch, every time. Scroll down to learn more or purchase here.

The Stretch Easy

There are many ways to stretch your calves, but only one offers the perfect stretching angle every time. Unlike other methods of stretching your calves, the Stretch Easy requires you to stretch your calf at exactly a 45 degree angle, the optimal stretching angle. The Stretch Easy is more effective than using a wall to stretch because it is exceptionally difficult to maintain a 45 degree angle while using the wall and you can't shift any body weight onto it. 

At first, the angle will likely seem extreme so it is recommended to start by using it only for short periods of time (20-30 seconds) and then eventually work your way up to using it for extended periods of time (around a minute).

Injury Recovery

The Stretch Easy helps relieve symptoms and heal many injuries including, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendinitis, knee pain and much more. Customers have found almost instant relief from plantar fasciitis because tight calves intensify plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Convenience Factor 

Many customers keep their Stretch Easy's next to their bed or by the door so every time they leave the house and come home they see it and remember to keep their calves stretched throughout the day. The silhouette is painted on the front so that it catches your eye and you more easily remember to use it. Other customers find it very convenient to keep one in their car so they have access to a perfect 45 degree angle wherever they go.


Since each Stretch Easy is hand painted, it is very easy and to do a custom design with only little additional cost. Contact us here to submit a custom design. Whether you submit a picture or just an idea, we can make your custom design happen.


Stretch Easy was created by Zak Reape  after he was plagued with calf and shin pain for years. He remembers waking up one morning to the feeling that he was stepping on broken glass so he finally decided to make a product that solved his problem. He made his first calf stretcher for himself but after it was so well received by his cross country team, he started to sell them to his friends and eventually online. To this day, he still builds and paints every Stretch Easy himself.

Support local business and craftsmanship with the purchase of a Stretch Easy!

-Every Stretch Easy is built, painted, and shipped from Shaker Heights, Ohio. 

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