Treatment for Runner's Knee

Runner's Knee Essential Knowledge:

Runner's Knee is mostly caused either by an impact (like a fall) or overuse. Anyone is susceptible to runner's knee but it causes the most discomfort while running and often originates from running.


    Ice -Whenever in doubt, start with ice. Ice the part of the knee that causes the most discomfort in segments of about 10-15 minutes.

    Compression -Applying compression stimulates blood flow for FAST results. The best way to apply compression is to wear a compression sleeve on your knee so you can stimulate flood circulation throughout the day. Compression sleeves shouldn't be worn 24/7 so we recommend wearing them either at night or during exercise. Purchase a compression knee sleeve here.

    Rest -This can sometimes be the most inconvenient solution, especially if you're training for a race coming up, but sometimes it's best just to let your body rest.

    Elevation -Simple, effective, fun. Enjoy the pleasure of laying on your couch with your legs elevated watching your favorite TV show or Movie.

-Knee Compression Sleeve pictured.