Running Shouldn't "Hurt"

That's exactly what Stretch Easy is here to help with! 

In the title, "hurt" is in quotes because running is bound to "hurt," because you know... it's a form of exercise. But those recurring aches and pains can be easily avoided through simple treatments and techniques that we're all about here at Stretch Easy. 

The inevitable slump

It's easy to fall deep into a slump when that recurring calf or shin problem keeps resurfacing, but there are easy ways to make those injuries a thing of the past. Keep reading to find out.

What causes my discomfort?

Often times recurring injuries are due to a lack of recovery and without the proper precautions, the problem keeps manifesting itself and comes back even stronger. A very common source of these recurring issues are knots (or trigger points) that develop anywhere in your muscles. The knots become extremely uncomfortable and will continue to grow if nothing is done to treat them. However, muscle rollers are used to combat knots because they are very effective at breaking them up.

Muscle Rollers

In addition to breaking up knots, the rollers can also be used as a precautionary measure. Rolling out the muscles throughout the day keeps them loose and less likely to develop knots.

There are many types of muscle rollers out there and it is very overwhelming, so we created an amazing guide so you end up with the right roller for you. Access the guide here


Recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of running. Without proper recovery, any existing injury will only get worse. Diet, sleep, and workout frequency all play important roles in recovery. We recommend keeping a running journal that tracks all three in addition to run quality so that you can start noticing trends. Minor adjustments can then be made to find the optimal balance.

To learn more, read our Pathway to Injury-Free Running or Pain Relief Guide.